of Freehold, NY (1I5)
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Wave on Saturday, May 16.

Below:  from about 8000 feet.  The hole in the clouds ran from about 9 miles NW of Freehold, to 8-9 miles SE, and remained there from 10:30 AM to 4-5 PM.

Below:  From about 5000 feet altitude:

Below:  Looking roughly west.  Visible at bottom left is the kink in Route 23 where it comes downhill from Point Lookout.

Below:  Looking approximately north-east toward Freehold Airport.  The airport is in the dark area shadowed by the cloud, as it was for almost the whole day, 10:30 AM to 4-5 PM.  Note the darkness of the underside of the cloud.  In contrast, someone located on the kink of Route 23 would have been in sun all day long.


Wind aloft: 3000 feet -- 170 @ 29.  6000 feet - 210 @ 30.  9000 - 210 @ 27.

Major clue - Unclouded area of sky downwind (north) of Catskills, which remained open all day.  This is the 'down' part of the wave -- or at least the southern side of it is 'down'.  Associated clue -- overcast area north of the unclouded area.

Strength of lift: About 10 kt in mid-afternoon at an altitude of 3000-4000 feet. 

Max. altitude attained -- 10,060 feet.  Earlier it was about 8000, then 8800.

Picture below -- via Bruce Sto. from