of Freehold, NY (1I5)
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Initial membership fee for the first year $500 and $50 a month.

What's included:
Ground school classes taught by FAA licensed instructors.
Instructional flights by our FAA licensed instructors.
1 Year Soaring Society of America (SSA) membership 12 monthly issues SOARING magazine.


And NO, you don't need any previous flying experience to join.
Our FAA licensed instructors will make you feel at home up there in the sky while teaching you the art of flying overlooking the beautiful Catskill mountains.
You can fly as much as you like during the membership period. Again the instructional flights are included, however the same tow-fees do apply as for all regular members.

Our instructors do well with those new to flying, as well as transitioning power pilots.  

The Nutmeg Soaring Association Inc. is a private non-profit club organized in 1956 to provide equipment and instruction to members at low cost and to encourage the sport of soaring.  The club is a volunteer organization and in no way resembles a commercial operation. There is no paid staff. Flight instructors and tow pilots volunteer their services and members run the ground operation. Flight times cannot be reserved. The club is looking for members who wish not only to take up the sport of soaring, but will contribute their time and skills to run a successful and safe operation.

        New*** Full Members first year   $500 Initial $500 and $50 monthly payable thru December
        Full Members subsequent years   $600 - $1100 Dependent upon ownership of Freehold
Airport LLC Share*
        Family Membership   $600

Purchased with one Full Membership plus SSA dues of $45

per additional family member**

Youth Membership   $600  
Associate Members   $100  
        Full & Associate   $75  
        Youth & Family   $45  

 * Freehold Airport LLC Shares represent ownership in the airport, each shareholder also receives a substantially reduced annual membership rate.

** Example: For a family of four, all of whom intend to fly, membership costs will be One Full Membership + One Family Membership + SSA dues of ($75+$45+$45+$45)

**รข€‹* New Member is defined as someone who has not held any other type of membership


Annual Memberships cover the costs associated with aircraft / facilities usage and instruction.  Tow fees are charged in addition to the assessment as used.

All members are required to join the Soaring Society of America. Annual dues include a subscription to Soaring Magazine. The Nutmeg Newsletter keeps members informed of meetings, operations, safety bulletins, and monthly Schedules of flight instructors, tow pilots, and duty pilots.


Owing to the nature of the activity, all persons under 18 years of age who wish to join the club must provide a written and signed permission slip from a parent or legal guardian.

Please call if you would like more information about membership in Nutmeg Soaring Association.

Kindest regards,

Gerard Calamari (Membership)

PH: 518-376-1493

Make checks payable to: 

Nutmeg Soaring Association
PO Box 353
Freehold, NY 12431


Last updated on 4/22/2023