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Sailplane Performance #s

NOTICE:  All data and information supplied by this and the following pages are provided without guarantee as to their completeness or correctness. Any conclusions drawn from these data and information are the sole responsibility of the user. Always consult the relevant publications for current and correct information.

Grob 102 CS
Grob 103 Twin Astir
SGS 1-26E

The listed stall speeds are flight handbook, wings level speeds.   The difference between these speeds and the indicated speeds you encounter in the aircraft is the result of airspeed system errors, differing aircraft operating weights, atmospheric stability, and pilot technique.


Grob 102CS  N140SS

Max. L/D (38:1, 152 fpm)    56 kts
Min. Sink (122 fpm) 42  
Normal Approach Speed    50  
Stall (clean) 32 kts
Stall (spoilers extended) 35  
Max Aero-Tow 92 kts
Max Winch Launch 64  
Max Rough Air Speed 135  
Red Line (Vne) 135  

Pilot & Chute, Min. Weight 154 lbs.
Pilot & Chute, Max. Weight 243 lbs.

A/C empty weight:    560 lbs
Max. gross weight: 836 lbs

Tire Pressures:
Main Gear 36 PSI


    Grob 103 Twin Astir  N103NS, N105NS, N110NS

  Dual   Solo
Max. L/D (38:1) 60 kts 51
Min. Sink 49   40
    Sink Rate (138 fpm 122)
Stall (clean) 43 kts  
Stall (spoilers extended)    49    

Minimum Approach Speed - 54 kts
(Rain or ice, increase landing speed by 6 kts.)

Max. Aero_Tow 92 kts
Max. Winch Launch 65  
Maneuvering Speed        92  
Red Line (Vne) below 6500 feet PA    135  
Red Line, 6500 to 10,000 feet PA   135  

Min. weight front seat occupant, 154 lbs.
If below 154 lbs, use weights.

Max. weight either seat occupant, 242 lbs.

A/C Empty Weight:    882 lbs
Max. Gross Weight: 1435 lbs
Max. Allowable Total Payload:       484 lbs*
* Combined weight of both occupants & their

Tire pressure 36 PSI

SGS 1-26E    N17954

Max. L/D (23:1)    48 mph
Min. Sink (156 fpm)    39  
Stall (clean) 33  
Max. Aero-Tow 114 mph
Max. Winch Launch 63  
Maneuvering Speed 69  
Red Line (Vne) 114  

Pilot Weight:
152 lbs Min. - 211 lbs Max.

A/C empty weight:    454 lbs
Max. gross weight 700 lbs

Tire Pressure 20 PSI